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The Start of it all…


Was when my dad dug that old

 Model A out of the barn to pull
the trailer around the corn field

 as we shucked the corn by hand

with wrist bands, and I got to

move it to the next row. I fell in

love  with that car and begged my

dad to give me that 1930 Tudor

Model A. I was only in 9th grade,

but by the time I was a senior in

high school, I fixed it up and was

driving it all over the place.


I wanted one of those OHV

conversions so bad that I started

to dream about how I could make

 one on my own. I started

 my Tool & Die Apprenticeship in 1970, the year I graduated high school. I bought a Bridgeport milling machine in 1971 and started to make my overhead valve conversion for my Model “A” Ford. I started with a 327 Chevrolet cylinder head.


As time went on I soon filled my Mom and Dad’s two car garage and needed more room. In 1976, I bought some land and built a 50 X 50 building where I was able to set up my shop in the back 30 X 50 of the building. This was the start of Stipe Machine Co. full time. I was able to live in the front 20 X 50 of the building if it was 2500 Sq Ft or under; and I could be considered the night watchman.


Soon my family came and we all had to pack in one bedroom, with the kids in bunk beds for the next 8 years. Eventually, the old school house across the street became available. I bought that and we moved out of the shop.

My Model A car hobby sat dormant for over 20 years because I had to make a living machining industrial parts and doing repair work. In the early ’90s, I bought Ash Cams and started Specialty Motor Cams.


Today we are making new cams and regrinding old ones, along with many other new performance engine parts. We have a engine dyno and test our cams and products along with building complete dyno tested performance engines. We are developing new products all the time; making the Model A and B engine stronger and more reliable.


I put my heart into the hobby and the business, and I feel I do a better job of it because I love it.


Bill Stipe


Text Box: History

Bill’s 1930 Tudor Sedan from High School

With an OHV engine he built using a 327 Chevy head

Bill's Model A with OHV conversion engine